About Us

President and Chief Happiness Officer Gabrielle Smith

Tyler Treasures continues a tradition of over 20 years of innovation and creativity in gifts and inspirational items. As a specialty manufacturer and distributor, we have built upon our market leadership and now bring that same quality and innovation to the general gift market. Our quality is in every item we manufacture, and we pride ourselves on developing unique products that cannot be found anyplace else and stand out in the market.

Our products can be customized to meet any of your gifting, corporate, event or marketing activities and needs. We have a team of designers and artisans that can make your concept become a reality in a one of kind token, piece of jewelry or key chain that will make you stand out from the crowd.

All of our work is guaranteed, competitively priced, and at a quality that exceeds traditional products in the marketplace that are sourced from off shore manufacturers. If you are a retailer, you will find that our items will help you achieve greater profitability from repeat sales thanks to a product that consumers can see and feel the difference in from a quality standpoint - from the moment they touch them. If you are an employer or corporate customer, you will find items that inspire your team and provide a tangible gift that delivers your message with a value that lasts.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and uniqueness of what we deliver. Tyler Treasures, where quality meets innovation…

President and Chief Happiness Officer Gabrielle Smith

Gabrielle Smith
President and Chief Happiness Officer, Tyler Treasures